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City news, 28.01.2003 16:57

Vladimir Putin congratulated residents of St. Petersburg

Vladimir Putin congratulated residents of St. Petersburg Vladimir Putin has congratulated blockade victims and defenders of Leningrad on the Day of Russian Military Glory - the Day of Lifting the Leningrad Blockade, the press-service of the Russian Head of State informed RIA Novosti. The President's congratulatory message goes on as follows, "January 27, 1944 is a special date in the history of our country. On that day, one of the most dramatic and heroic pages of the Great Patriotic War was turned over and the blockade of Leningrad was finally lifted." "The defense of the city on the Neva River became the symbol of outstanding heroism and courage of the Soviet people and Armed Forces. 900 long days and nights starving and freezing Leningrad residents defended their home city. Heavily shelled and bombarded, they sacrificed themselves at military plants, joined volunteer troops and fought heroically against the enemy. And the city lived on," the speech continues. "Russian people will never forget the Feat and Victory of the defenders of Leningrad," the President stressed in his speech.

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