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City news, 13.02.2003 16:58

“Orthodox St. Petersburg” Internet portal recently opened

“Orthodox St. Petersburg” Internet portal recently opened The first Internet portal “Orthodox St. Petersburg” was presented at the exhibit “Intourfest-2003” currently held at the Northern capital. This Internet portal is addressed to pilgrims, tourists, tour business specialists, and anybody with interest in the Russian Orthodox culture.

According to the representative of the regional Pilgrimage information service, Sergey Galitsky, “this Internet portal would first of all, answer pilgrims’ questions as to where and how to go places”. The site “Orthodox St. Petersburg” presents the photographs of St. Petersburg sacred places, information on our city’s celestial patrons, the history of the Orthodox Church on the territory of St. Petersburg metropolitan see, the history of the formation of St. Petersburg as a capital of the Orthodox empire, and the revitalization of temples in our days. In addition, there exists short information on the basis of the Orthodox Church with the dictionary of religious terms and abbreviations, the reference data on location of St. Petersburg temples with indication of public transportation routes, on educational and spiritual centers. There are links to the sites of Orthodox temples and monasteries, such as Valaam monastery, Kazan cathedral, and Alexandro-Nevskaya lavra, and information on the Orthodox media, crisis centers, Orthodox church utensils studios and ecclesiastic literature shops. Here you could also get information on most interesting travel routes.

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