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City news, 12.03.2003 14:32

During the anniversary celebrations, St. Petersburg airport may be closed

St. Petersburg airport may be closed during celebrations During the anniversary celebrations on May 30-31, St. Petersburg International airport Pulkovo will have to handle 100-120 arrivals of planes with delegations. The Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko stated this during her meeting with the deputies of St. Petersburg parliament. The schedule of the arrivals for this period is already set, the planes will land with 10-minutes intervals, she noted. “It is possible that other flights during these days will be limited or cancelled, and the airport may be closed”, Valentina Matvienko said. The decision on the operation on Pulkovo International airport during the anniversary celebration week is planned to take by March 1. The limitations on number of arrivals and the commercials losses they would bring to the air carriers will be minimal, the Deputy Chairman assured.

The rail transportation has no planned limitations, said she – with the only exception of electric trains crossing the Volkhonskoe highway. This is because this highway is included in the route for the period of the state leaders’ visits.

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