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City news, 17.03.2003 14:31

French TV Channel TV5 will feature the documentary "24 hours in St. Petersburg"

 TV5 will feature the documentary On March 15 and 16, the French cable channel TV5 will feature the documentary "24 hours in St. Petersburg" directed by Frederic Mitterand. This TV project, the filming of which will be finalized in the next few days, tells about the former capital of Tsarist Russia, of the history of the Soviet Union, of everyday modern life in our city.

The program consists of separate movies and episodes: documentaries on Shalyapin and Anna Akhmatova; interview with the general plenipotentiary of France on issues of celebration of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Marek Halter; the excursion of the Hermitage with the museum director, Mikhail Piotrovsky; the fragments of the movie by Alexander Sokurov "Russian Arc"; movie about Vazlav Nizhinsky and the "behind the scenes" of Mariinsky Theater; the numerous historical film documents, in particular the ones on revolution of 1905, the siege of St. Petersburg, and the funeral of Sergey Kirov; the films of the Neva "seals" and street kids; reports from the city streets, stores, cafes and night clubs, conversations with ordinary citizens – from the mayor’s office employees to house wives, and more.

The filming of this project has cost about 300 thousand Euro (or close to two million Francs).

The documentary "24 hours in St. Petersburg" will be broadcast in many countries; the movie will be edited for the Asian countries’ audiences (the erotic scenes will be excluded). The program will become a starting point for many western TV programs dedicated to city’s 300th anniversary; the filming will start in April of 2003.

The French state TV channel TV5 also dedicated to St. Petersburg the 11th issue of its collection "World cities" on the Internet, and the "Figaro Magazine" will dedicate a special dossier on the Northern capital in its national and international issues on March 15, 2003.

Frederic Mitterand (the nephew of the former president of France, Francois Mitterand), is a Ph.D. in History and Geography, well-known TV producer and director.

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