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City news, 21.03.2003 15:23

International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg in June

International Maritime Defense Show Thirteen ships of the Baltic Fleet and two Navy cruisers from Germany and Norway will attend the International Maritime Defense Show scheduled to be shown in St. Petersburg on June 25-29. Navy and Coast Guard ships will be anchored at the St. Petersburg Sea Terminal, Andrei Kotov, Executive Secretary of the Show’s Organizing Committee told Interfax on Tuesday. On March 11-13 representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Baltic Fleet and members of the show’s Organizing Committee held a meeting in St. Petersburg to discuss participation of navy and coast guard ships in the event. Mr. Kotov said also that a similar meeting with “Ministry of Defense officials representing the Air Force” had been already scheduled. Rzhevka Testing Grounds are being prepared for the stationary exhibition of aircraft. Modern naval artillery will be shown at the event. The program of the Maritime Defense Show also includes artillery exercises.

The show will also include a Navy aircraft parade over the Finnish Gulf. Strizhi and Vityazi military aerobatic teams will present their shows on June 25 and 28.

Official delegations of 75 countries were invited to take part, and some 20 of them have already confirmed their participation. St. Petersburg will welcome delegations from France, China, Germany, UK, Greece, Norway and South Africa.

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