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City news, 24.03.2003 14:54

The action "Free our city from auto trash" has started in St. Petersburg

Beginning March 13, St. Petersburg has started the action "Free our city from auto trash". The initiator of this action is "Hetech" Ltd, which owns the first in Russia automobile and other metal recycling and processing plant.

The action is dedicated to the city’s 300th anniversary and has set a very specific goal – to stimulate the state and commercial organizations in freeing the streets and roadways from abandoned cars.

The issue of abandoned cars today is more pressing than ever. The total fleet of registered personal vehicles in St. Petersburg comprises 1.1 million cars and it grows by 20 thousand cars annually. Buying new cars, the city residents dispose of their old "iron horses", by letting them rot right there, on city streets. Not only these abandoned cars create traffic problems and hinder the mechanized street cleaning efforts, they also pose the direct ecological threat for our city. To fully clean St. Petersburg from the "auto trash", you would have to recycle 25 – 30 thousand cars per year. However, the city cannot implement this practice as of yet – there is neither centralized auto recycling program, nor a Federal Law "On utilization of means of transportation". As a result: the city and district authorities are not sufficiently interested in t this issue, although they are well aware of it.

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