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City news, 26.03.2003 13:49

Wireless Internet network will be readily available by 300th anniversary

Wireless Internet network will be readily available St. Petersburg Internet provider Comset has published the plans of creating several available zones of high-speed wireless Internet access on Wi-Fi technology (Wireless Fidelity, standard 802.11).

Wi-Fi zones will allow to use Internet of corporate networks without wires or additional network adapters, which will ensure the high level of mobility to the users.

All points of the wireless public access to the network currently under construction, will allow to offer the full range of services, including multimedia, for instance, broadcasting MPEG2 and MPEG4 streams. All laptop users will receive the high speed Internet access, along with the free city information resources of St. Petersburg Intranet.

First publicly available Wi-Fi zones, connected with the common transport network and having the high-speed internet access are planned to be opened by city’s anniversary in the places of large public congregations. The unified information space, available free of charge will be created. The plans also include the broadcasts of the radio and TV programs of the information channels, the system of information services (form translation services to reference and information services using improved capabilities of the Web – e.g. video reports on traffic situations, etc.) You can use the web, the users can call emergency services, by transmitting vide information from the location of the accident.

In order to access the system, users will have to have a PC adapter (radio modem), activating the software in your laptop or pocket PC. The price for the radio card will be comparable with a modem price, and in case of the most common standard – 802.11b, will come to approximately 30 USD. The total investment volume for this project will comprise over 200 thousand USD.

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