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City news, 10.04.2003 12:49

St. Petersburg Dialogue is held in St. Petersburg on April 10-12

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation and German federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroder From April 10 to April 12, the St. Petersburg Dialogue, an Annual Russian-German Forum, will be held in St. Petersburg.The subject of the Form will be “Russia and Germany in Europe”. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, and German federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, as well as leading politicians, artists and researchers of both countries, will participate in this Forum.

The St. Petersburg Dialogue was organized by the initiative of President Putin and Chancellor Schröder. The first St. Petersburg Dialogue took place in April 2001 in the State University of St. Petersburg. The second St. Petersburg Dialogue was held in 2002 in Weimar, Germany. The purpose of the St. Petersburg Dialogue is to improve mutual understanding between Germany and Russia, to develop cooperation between the two countries in all spheres, to overcome the prejudice in attitudes of the two nations towards one another and to promote better relations between them. Sixty outstanding public figures and representatives of the young elite will be invited to the St. Petersburg Dialogue by the Coordination Committee from each of the two countries, Germany and Russia.

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