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City news, 24.04.2003 17:25

Museum dedicated to the prehistory of the city will be opened in St. Petersburg

Nienshants on the old map Today, on April 24, an opening ceremony of "700 years Landscrona, Nevskoe Ustie, Nienshants" museum will take place in St. Petersburg. It will be the first museum dedicated to the prehistory of the city. The prehistory of the city was not represented in any museum collection, which contributed to the development of the widespread opinion, that the city was founded on an empty spot, absolutely unsuitable for living. "700 Years Landscrona, Neva Delta, Nienshants museum" will fill this vacuum: the exhibitions of this museum will present the history of the peninsula in the delta of the Okhta river, where the ancient settlements on the territory of the contemporary St. Petersburg were discovered.

According to the name of the museum, this settlement is 400 years older than St. Petersburg. Landscrona, Korabelnitsa, Nevskoe Ustie, Nienshants, Shlotburg these are only a few of a variety of Russian and Swedish settlements, scattered over the territory of St. Petersburg at different times.

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