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City news, 20.05.2003 13:14

Hiro Yamagata’s laser show will take place on May 27, 30 and 31 at the Neva River

Hiro Yamagata’s laser show Hiro Yamagata’s laser show commemorating the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg will be held on May 27, 30 and 31, 2003 at the central part of the Neva river. According to press service of MDM Bank (which is the sponsor of the project), Hiro Yamagata who has considerable experience in working with water and water surfaces is going to implement an idea of lighting all the three bridges in front of Palace Embankment and the surface of the Neva river. In addition, the show will cover the frontal part of the Hermitage (facing the Neva) which will be used like a screen for changing laser rays and laser pictures. St. Petersburg will become the first Russian city where it will be possible to see the art of the great Japanese artist.

Hiro Yamagata was born in Japan in 1948. He studied physics. At the age of 24, he left Japan. He spent most of his life in Europe and in the U.S.A. He is the author of the world famous light performances. His exhibitions and laser shows took place in the biggest museums of the world, in Vienna, in London, in Rome, in Munich, in Stockholm, in Paris, in Mexico, in Chicago, in Boston, in Atlanta, in Los Angeles, in New York and in many other cities. The most impressive show of Mr. Yamagata was the light decoration of Eiffel’s Tower commemorating its 100th anniversary.

The show will be organized by the Moscow producing company Postmodern Theater and the American producer Bob Van Ronkel.

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