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City news, 26.05.2003 16:15

Russia-EU summit will be held in Marble Hall of Konstantinovsky palace

Russia-EU summit will be held in Konstantinovsky palace All the work activities connected with the conduct of the Russia-EU summit will be held in the Marble Hall of the Konstantinovsky palace, said Manager for Presidential Affairs Vladimir Kozhin in a press conference on May 25. Kozhin said that the Marble Hall has equipment for synchronic translation in four languages, which will allow national leaders to meet without translators. Kozhin also said that the Konstantinovsky palace is equipped with the most advanced communication system in the world (sponsored by German company Siemens). There are no such systems in Europe, said Kozhin.

The main part of the group of European Union leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin will stay in cottages at the Konstantinovsky palace.Their escorts will stay at the 5-star Baltic Star hotel.

Each cottage has the name of one of the great Russian cities (Moscow, Pskov, Tula, Smolensk, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, etc.) Each city administration designed and furnished the cottage in its name. Each cottage has 4-5 hotel rooms. One building has a total area of 2.2 thousand square meters. The area where the cottages are located was raised by two meters. After the summit the cottages will be used as a hotel.

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