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The first web phones in Russia were installed in St. Petersburg

The first web phones in Russia were installed in St. Petersburg To commemorate the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Northwestern Telecom Company installed the first Web phones in Russia. The investment to the project was about 300 thousand dollars. This money was used to buy a consignment of 25 Web phones manufactured by Siemens, to construct the traffic network and to organize the control center.

The Web phones were installed at the Central Telephone Station, at the Central Post Office, in Nevskij Palace Hotel, in the A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, in Pulkovskaya Hotel, in the Hermitage, in Pulkovo-1 Airport. By the beginning of June, Web phones will be also installed in St. Petersburg Hotel , Russia Hotel and Oktyabrskaya Hotel, in the Central Railroad Ticket Office on Griboyedov Canal, in Ladoga Railroad Station, Moscow Railroad Station and Vitebsk Railroad Station, in the Sea Port, in the Ice Palace, in Pulkovo-2 Airport, in the Seamenís Club and at the Northwestern Telecom telephone stations.

A Web phone is a combination of a booth phone and a computer. A Web phone terminal is equipped with a large display permitting to reproduce high-quality images. Web phones provide local, intercity and international telephone communications, as well as access to Internet. It also permits to send e-mail and SMS messages and to place advertisements.

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