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City news, 26.06.2003 19:33

The Russian National Library Received EUR30 Thousand as a Gift from Germany

The Russian National Library Ulrich Schening, Consul General of Germany in St. Petersburg gave cheques for the total amount of EUR30 thousand to Vladimir Zaitsev, Director of the Russian National Library.

The two cheques, for EUR15 thousand each, for buying books this year and the next year, were given to the Russian National Library by the German Research Society. According to Vladimir Zaitsev, the German Professor Mauer from the German Research Society worked in the National Library last year. The professor paid attention to the fact that very few German reference books were available at the Russian National Library, and now the library received the money to buy these books.

An Inhabitant of St. Petersburg Climbed Everest without Oxygen The Everest exhibition commemorating the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and the 50th anniversary of first climbing this highest peak on the earth was successfully completed on May 31. Anatoly Moshnikov, the coach and the head of the expedition, told about it. According to him, they were climbing the peak in very bad weather, when a strong wind was blowing and often became like a hurricane. The wind tore the thickest tents into pieces. The speed of the wind at the basic camp was 70-80 meters a second, while near the peak it was up to 200 meters a second. “This is why,” - said Anatoly Moshnikov, - “only one mountain-climber out of nine climbed Everest. He was Nikolai Totmyanin from St. Petersburg.” In addition, Nikolai Totmyanin was the only mountain-climber in this season who climbed Everest without oxygen.

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