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City news, 16.07.2003 12:02

St. Petersburg football team defeats Japan in world robot football championship

Robot football St. Petersburg football team Zenith-New Era played in the world robot football championship which took place in the Italian city of Padua along with famous companies including Sony, Fujitsu, NEC, and others.

Zenith-New Era General Director Gennady Lokotkov said that the world robot football championship is being held already for the seventh time. Zenith-New Era participated for the first time in 1999. Unlike past years, when the St. Petersburg team did not show much success, this year the team took 11th place out of a total of 60 teams. 'During the course of the tournament we beat teams from England, Australia, and we defeated a team from Japan 17:0,' said Lokotkov.

The world robot football championship is conducted in different leagues which are divided up by type of game and players. Match events are kept track of on a screen. There is a league of wheeled robots of small and medium sizes, a league of four-legged robot-dogs and a league of humanoid robot-androids made to be similar to humans.

Lokotkov said 'the Petersburg team at the present time is competing in the league of football simulators, which differ strongly from computer games especially because everyone of the eleven 'players' on the field has its own personal program and algorithm of activity. This means that our virtual team is a local computer network consisting of 11 interactive computers which play against another network.'

Zenith-New Era was formed in 2001 on the initiative of the company New Era and the St. Petersburg State Technical University.

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