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City news, 06.08.2003 13:08

Mayors of cities with “star-form” fortresses gathered in St. Petersburg

The members of this unusual delegation will sign today the declaration on preservation of the historical and cultural heritage. The meeting place for guests from Finland, Netherlands, Italy and Japan became the Peter and Paul Fortress, which they preliminary flied around by helicopter.

The fortress model from which Peter the Great began building of his creation had a form of rectilinear polygon. The association of cities with “star-form” fortresses was founded in 1997. Besides St. Petersburg it includes else 8 cities: Hamina (Finland), Palmanova (Italy), Usuda, Hakodate (Japan), Halifax (Canada), Hew (Vietnam), Nicosia (Cyprus). After the visit to St. Petersburg guests will stay in Hamina for the period from 7 to 10 August.

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