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City news, 06.08.2003 12:03

St. Petersburg celebrates the 200-th anniversary of the first Russian round-the world expedition

At the beginning of 19 century this voyage win for the Russian Empire a fame of the great naval power. Two centuries ago in the same August day emperor Alexander I personally went on board and bided farewell to ready for sailing off from Kronshtadt the mission of ships “Nadezhda” and “Neva”, said a direct descendant of the head of the first native round-the-world voyage forty-year-old Aleksey Kruzenshtern.

"Nadezhda” and “Neva” started from the berth of Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland, then reached and turned round the Gorn Cape, crossed Pacific Ocean south- to north-ward, arrived in Kamchatka, delivered in Japan the first Russian Embassy, visited Alaska, China, Indonesia and turned Russia.

In 7 July the solemn ceremony to be opened in the Peter and Paul’s Cathedral with the imposition of a memorial jubilee sings for the contribution in establishment of the Russian navigation on the sarcophagi of Russian emperors Peter I and Alexander I. Then the special memorial flag in the accompaniment of the famous group on a cutter will be delivered from the Cathedral to the Lieutenant Schmidt's Embankment to the monument of Kruzenschtern.

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