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City news, 12.08.2003 18:17

Races of "The VII-th St. Petersburg's Sailing Week” to go off in 16-23 August

According to the clipping service of the “Seaport Saint-Petersburg “ joint-stock company, as early as next year The Sailing Week in St. Petersburg is expected to became a part of the actions programme for the honoured right to be Olympic Sailing Capital.

The present regatta dedicated to the city’s 300-th anniversary is going off for the 7-th time since its foundation in 1997. Initially competitions were founded in 1898 by the United Racing Commission of St. Petersburg’s yacht-clubs and till 1913 it had been recognised as the main event in the sport life of St. Petersburg’s yachtsmen.

In the first races day, on Saturday of 16 August, about 400 yachtsmen on 70 yacht will raffle off a challenge prize of the “Seaport St. Petersburg” – a silver-plated cup. By the evening yachts will gather in harbour of the “Obruchev” fleet, where in the morning of 17 August will sail toward an advanced post of the Russian sea border – Hogland Islang.

Having turned round Hogland Rock yachts will pick their way toward Bierke-Zund Strait where 150 miles race will came to its end. 24 hours later yachts will start the next race of 90 miles long, which will finish in the middle of vivid skerries of Tranzund Road- once a place of yearly emperor’s reviews of the Russian fleet.

Having rested in a harbour that is close to the ancient Vyborg’s castle yachts will turn back. In the night sea they will have to find and turn round islands with lighthouses of Sommers, Nerva and Hally cities, then the race will come in the “Tolbuhin” lighthouse’s area. The Regatta will finish in 23 August.

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