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City news, 14.08.2003 15:21

International Astronomic Conference to be held in St. Petersburg State University

The conference is dedicated to two Russian famous scientists anniversaries at once –90-th anniversary of the honoured professor of St. Petersburg University Tateos Agekyan and 70-th anniversary of the leading research officer of the Central Astronomic Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences Vadim Antonov. Tateos Agekyan is an author of many books including popular ones written for a wide range of readers, such as “Stars, galaxies, Mega-galaxies” and “The theory probability for astronomers and physicists”.

The agenda of the conference is star and planet systems research. Among these systems are our Solar System and recently discovered planet of close to us star system, star clusters, our galaxy, other galaxies etc. In recent years a number of unique science facts were gained thanks to the rapid development of astronomic observational techniques. These facts and modern theories of star and planet systems evolution will be wide discussed during the conference. More that 100 participants from 20 countries of the world, including USA, China, Japan, Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States, have been already registered. Up to 50 reports and 60 stand reports are expected to be heard out.

The conference will be held in V.Sobolev Research Astronomic Centre of St. Petersburg State University. The financial support is provided by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research and the Program of Supporting of Leading Science Schools.

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