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City news, 14.08.2003 13:11

Races on “Bubble babies” to go off by St. Petersburg

Losevsky rapids that is on the Vuoksa river in 80 km from St. Petersburg have been already overcame with kayaks, catamarans, canoes, in life jackets and without them, even with builds in form of 20 metres sleeve of hotbed polyethylene that was swollen and twice folded up.

But a “rubber woman” is used in rafting for the first time and this action is to go off in 24 August in the context of Bubble Baby Challenge '2003 competitions.

This idea that firstly looked as a funny joke, has obtained real features. Recently on a web-site of the action was started the registration of participants. A number of those who wish to take part in the competition has reached 30 persons. Special attention deserves names used by participants to nickname their builds: “Mary and her Popins”, “Black Fatima” or “Rash Sterlet”…

By the way, one of the conditions to participate is to have one’s own build. It’s right, because one’s own adopted woman which is well-know to a participant, must be much more reliable than any unknown, restive, capricious and slippery one.

The winner must first to finish in overcoming of rapids. But if you won’t , does it matter anything, while participating is above all in sport, isn’t it?

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