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City news, 18.08.2003 14:21

The celebration of Russian Sky Army’s Day went off in St. Petersburg

In the context of this action performed St. Petersburg artists, took place dance program, competitions, quizzes and an “entry-ticket” prize was ruffled off.

In 1803 the first balloon with a man on its board took off in St. Petersburg. This flight was performed by a French aeronaut Garner. However the real revolution in aeronautics was caused by the invention of an apparatus heavier that air. In Russia such construction was created by Alexander Mojaisky and in 1882 was the first service-test of his plane. In 1910 appeared first flying schools in Russian - in Odessa and St. Petersburg. By the summer of 1912 Russia Sky Army had already 8 flying groups formed in aeronautic companies. By the early 20s there were 11 Flying Sport Organisations and 12 airdrome; 195 Russian pilots had diplomas of the International Air Federation. In the pre-war years quite a number of aircraft designers -Yakovov Gaggel, Stephan Grizodubov, Alexander Kudashev, Igor Sirotskiy - worked on the creation of native air-planes models.

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