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City news, 21.08.2003 11:53

In the Leningrad Zoo was born a fur seal

Lying-in of the she-seal was at 8 p:m on Wednesday.The mammy is now more than 3 years old, for a long time she lived in freedom and got into the Leningrad Zoo from the Utrizh dolphinaria being already pregnant. Now the baby-seal is under its mammy’s care. The zoo’s specialists tell that her lying-in went off successfully.

Two grown-up north fur seals spend summer time in St. Petersburg. They are expected to return the dolphinaria by autumn. According to Popova it’s not clear yet would a new-born calf stay in the Leningrad Zoo. In order to leave it’s necessary to re-equip the zoo’s pond. If there is anyone to assist, the baby will remain, she noticed. The new-born fur seal-calf has no name yet.

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