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City news, 22.08.2003 14:10

The Russian Flag Day to be held in Peterhof (St. Petersburg)

The celebration to be held in the best traditions of public drama performances, irreproachably perfected in the Soviet Period’s history. Citizens and numerous guests will see all the history of the State Flag by visual demonstration.

We should mention that the white-blue-red flag (tricolour) –now the State Flag of Russia- was first introduced during the life of Tsar Alexey Mikailovich. It was hoisted as a distinctive sign on ships of the Volzhsko-Kaspiyskaya Flotilla. The white colour traditionally symbolises in Russia purity, the blue-fidelity, the red- courage. In 1705 during the reign of Peter the First the tricolour with an image of a double-headed eagle in the middle was passed to the Trade Fleet of Russia, and then it was used mainly as the State Flag. Since 1868 till 1883 the state flag was of black-yellow-white colour according to 3 colours at the State Emblem of Russia. On the 7 of 1883 the emperor Alexander III on the eve of his coronation resumed the tricolour as indigenously Russian flag. Its status of the State Flag was confirmed in 1896 before the coronation of Nicholas II. The February and later the Russian/October Revolution went off under red banners, but in the years of the Civil War the red flag became a symbol of the Soviet Power. With the collapse of USSR in 1991 the State Flag of Russia became anew the tricolour.

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