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City news, 09.09.2003 16:19

Saint Petersburg Bank Wins Loan of USD 20 Million

SAINT PETERSBURG, September 9. The International Bank of Saint Petersburg has been granted a credit of USD 20 million by a foreign bank. As reported today by the bank's press service, the credit is for a term of one year and is to be used for loans to its corporate customers. The lender has not been identified.

The International Bank of Saint Petersburg (formerly the Petersburg Forest Industry Bank) has been registered since December 11, 1991, under general license No. 197, and has had the right to deal in valuable metals since June 22, 1994. Its capitalization stands currently at USD 476 million. The principal stockholders: the bank's president, Sergei Bazhanov (26.75%); its first vice president, Ruslan Matyukhin (6.7%); Petrovsky Trade House (12.95%); Invert-Brok (19.26%); Triumph (12.18%); the insurance firm, Russian World (5.87%). The bank is one of the five largest banks in Saint Petersburg. Its clients include: Pulkovo Aviation, Admiralty Wharves, Nevsky Cosmetics, Baltika Brewing, DLT, Cellulose-Cardboard Combine, Lencommunication,> Talosto, Saint Petersburg Dairy Combine No. 1, Petmol, Parnas-M, Hotel Rossiya, Aeroflot and the construction company Moctotrest.

News source: Rosbalt

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