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City news, 11.09.2003 18:33

Most People in Saint Petersburg Feel Sympathetic about 9/11 Tragedy in New York

New York Most Saint Petersburg residents (56%) feel sympathetic about the September 11 tragedy in 2001. According to a survey carried out by the Agency for social research 18% feel fear, 9% feel indifference, 4% feel helplessness and 3% feel satisfaction.

In addition, 66% of respondents believe that the international struggle against terrorism has still not brought any visible results. Only 15% feel the opposite. About 87% say that Russia should continue to collaborate with the US in the fight against terrorism while 9% disagree.

The survey was carried out on September 10 and involved 805 respondents. The aim of the survey was to discover the attitude of Russian people to the international struggle with terrorism.

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