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City news, 14.10.2003 15:15

The project of the monument to Joseph Brodsky has been chosen

The winning project of the monument to Joseph Brodsky The jury has chosen the best best project among the entries featured in the final, third round of the competition to build a monument to Josef Brodsky in Saint-Petersburg.

Jury Members and Members of the Competition Expert Board, including Alexander Gafin, member of the Board of Directors of Alfa Bank, Leonid Bazhanov, art director of the State Center of Modern Arts, Arkady Ippolitov, an art expert and critic, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage Museum, and Oleg Kharchenko, Chief Architect of St. Petersburg voted for the project of Saint-Petersburg sculptor Vladimir Zivin and architect Felix Romanovskij. The authors of the project that has won the competition will recieve the prize of 15 000$.

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