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City news, 16.10.2003 14:31

The new St Petersburg governor was inaugurated yesterday

The new St Petersburg governor was inaugurated yesterday New Saint Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko was inaugurated yesterdy. In her inauguration speech she thanked the citizens of the city, politicians and especially Russian President Vladimir Putin for the 'political and moral support.' 'It's our victory,' she said. Matvienko promised to continue all the positive undertakings of the previous city administration.

'Saint Petersburg should become the business card of European Russia for the whole world. We should become not a window, but a gate to Europe,' she said. According to Matvienko the only thing that could prevent the realization of this goal, is 'social passiveness and lack of faith in one's own strength.'

Matvienko intends to 'use the valuable experience of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.' 'Though, I'm not promising to wear a cap,' she said. Matvienko thanked the Saint Petersburg City Assembly 'for constructive mutual activity.' 'I don't envision my work without the support of the city's assembly,' she said.

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