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City news, 13.11.2003 16:20

Naval Base moves to Kronshtadt

Kronshtadt The Government of the Russian Federation issued a Decree on Tuesday to remove the Leningrad Naval Base from Novaya Gollandiya Island in St. Petersburg. The Leningrad Naval Base has to be withdrawn first from Novaya Gollandiya and then from all other property it occupies in the St. Petersburg. To fulfill the project the so-called Petrovsky warehouses in Kronshtadt will be reconstructed. The Deputy Commander of the Leningrad Naval Base, responsible for construction, engineering provisions and quarters, Major-General Vladimir Kravchenko, confirmed that the military is ready to withdraw from St. Petersburg. He said that the project had been put on the Russian Defense Ministry list for 2004. Financing is estimated at 183 million rubles. The warehouses must be restored by 2005. The total value of the projectís budget is 500 million rubles.

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