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City news, 17.11.2003 12:53

St. Petersburg University of the Humanities to expand its facilities

The students of SPbGU The City Planning Committee of St. Petersburg has adjusted pre-project offers with the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions (SPbGU) to construct additional university buildings. The University purposes to construct new buildings with a total area of 9230 square meters at the intersection of Fuchik Street and Prazhskaya Street. The exploratory design was performed by “Rekonstroi” Ltd. According to the project, the University is planning to build a TV studio and a business center. The future TV studio will operate as an organization department of the university, while the business center is meant for commercial use. A sports area is also going to be built, including an indoor sports ground for 2000 seats for handball, mini-football contests and mass actions. The project also stipulates the construction of a roofed pool, tennis-courts, rollerdromes, an ice-hockey rink, and a basketball and volleyball courts. SPbGU intends both to develop and vegetate 7.8 hectares of nearby land, then fence it and construct two guided entrance halls, one at the current main entrance, the other at the intersection of Buharestskaya Street and Fuchik Street.

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