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City news, 08.12.2003 12:42

Pro-Putin party leads poll

Pro-Putin party leads poll Elections to the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, were held on Sunday. The turnout was 47.62 percent, Alexander Veshnyakov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia, told reporters.

With 90.6 percent of the votes counted, the pro-Kremlin United Russia party leads the poll with 36.8 percent, said Oleg Velyashin, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation garnered 12.7 percent of the vote, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia has 11.8 percent, and the Rodina (Motherland) bloc received 9 percent. Other parties failed to pass the 5 percent threshold, including Yabloko (4.3 percent), the SPS (Union of Right Forces) party (3.9 percent), and the Agrarian Party (3.8 percent). About 4.7 percent of voters voted against all candidates.

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