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City news, 30.12.2003 14:32

Internet television project launched in Saint-Petersburg

Internet television project launched in Saint-Petersburg St. Petersburg TV Company “Korona Film” yesterday launched the first in Russia TV channel “Sormat01” into Internet test exploitation. The project investments amount to $5-6 million.

The program has been started in Moscow, but St. Petersburg will have it developed only in the spring of 2004.

The channel’s initiators explain the fact that they have easily managed to agree with the Moscow owners of wide-band networks as compared to these in St. Petersburg, since the market is more capacious down there, and moreover, one of the major partners of “Korona Film” operates in Moscow as well. The project is made as a partnership of the following entities: the St. Petersburg branch office of “Gorbachev-Fond”, the group of companies “Evrazia Telekom” (Internet provider), software designer “ASM Co.”, Animation Studio “Begemot” and the optical fiber producer “OKS-01 Ltd.”. The investments in designing of “Sormat01” infomedia, as well as the creation of 3-D animation and software to control the content of the programming have come to nearly $1 million, which is the capital base of “Korona Film”.

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