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City news, 14.01.2004 15:56

Leningrad region develops industrial zones

Leningrad region develops industrial zones The Architecture and City Development Committee of the Leningrad region has elaborated schemes to form industrial zones for seven municipal entities. Such a scheme was designed for the 19 industrial and utility storage zones, and nearly one third of them either have not been formed yet or have only recently begun development.

“This documentation, which was settled for the Vsevolozhsk, Lomonosov, Gatchina, Tosno and Volosovo Districts will allow us to regulate development of the existing zones and to identify the potential of the undeveloped ones. The regional Administration can precisely indicate to investors the particular areas where they should place their production”, the Senior Executive of the Architecture and City Development Committee of Leningrad region Administration, Vladimir Zalegaller, said. “The Planning Institute ¹1 Company was responsible for the Committee’s order.

The company’s experts have defined the best places to set up timber works, food or chemical industry plants. The Institute has also designed projects meant for the most developed areas in the Vsevolozhsk and Lomonosov Districts. At the current time borders are being developed for residential areas, engineering services are being layed out, and street and road systems are being designed. This year the Committee is starting to work out such schemes to develop industrial zones in Ivangorod, Pikalevo, Kingisepp, Tikhvin and Boksitogorsk Districts.

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