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City news, 21.01.2004 15:12

Two skyscrapers will be erected in the city

New York skyscrapers Two 40-story high-rise buildings will be erected in St. Petersburg, the city's committee on urban planning and architecture announced on Monday. The LEK Estate construction company will build the high-rises designed by Arkhstudiya.

The new buildings will stand on a 1.2-hectare plot behind the Russian National Library on Moskovsky Prospekt. With a total of 472 apartments and 35,000 square meters of floor space, the two buildings will share a ground-floor complex with 4,680 square meters of office space.

Saint-Petersburg does not in any respect belong to the list of the cities where the most skyscrapers are situated. The list has been published by The first five cities on the list are, starting form the top: Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Istanbul and Sao Paolo.

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