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City news, 26.01.2004 14:52

Oktyabrskaya railroad has to move

Moskovskii railroad station By the end of 2004 the Oktyabrskaya railroad must completely remove all cargo transportation objects not connected with passenger transportation from the Moskovskaya-Tovarnaya station in the downtown of St. Petersburg. The city governor Valentina Matvienko qualified this decision as "final”. The governor gave the order to Genadii Verkhovikh, the acting director of Oktyabrskaya railroad (an affiliation of the Russian Railroads Company) at a meeting on January 22.

In addition, Valentina Matvienko has charged the North-Western Transportation Department with the task of removing the customs check-points from the Moskovskaya-Tovarnaya station. For the moment, these objects are likely to be removed to Shushary.

The city committee for city-planning and architecture has designed a development plan for the area of land that will be freed up by removing railroad objects surrounding the Moskovskii railroad station in the center of St. Petersburg. The concept stipulates raising from five to sevenfold the housing density in the neighborhood. In order to tackle the transportation problem, the project envisages construction of an elevated platform between Transportny and Poltavskaya streets.

St. Petersburg governor has specified a 2-month term for the Oktyabrskaya railroad, the city transportation development committee, and committee for city planning and architecture to pre-design the variants of step-by-step removal of railroad objects. The state property committee’s mission is to suspend all real estate dealings in the area for the time being.

The detailed site design should be finished and agreed upon by June 30, 2004, and at the end of December Valentina Matvienko expects to see all the territory entirely freed from any cargo transportation objects.

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