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City news, 28.01.2004 15:06

St. Petersburg gets new development program

Valentina Matvienko summarized her first 100 days of activity as the Governor After Valentina Matvienko summarized her first 100 days of activity as the Governor of St. Petersburg, the governing body of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Commerce of the St. Petersburg city administration declared its plans for a new development program for the city that will cover the coming years. The program results are supposed to make the regional GNP of St. Petersburg double by 2008. The new program under the name “The System of State Planning of St. Petersburg” will include, in particular, new concepts for the social, economic and strategic development of St. Petersburg. The scheme also consists of a general plan and a register of state functions as well as a prospective financial plan. The Committee suggests that the City Governor each year edit the financial plan and the program on social and economic development through her State of the City Message. The officials see the resulting concept as the city budget, which has to reflect all the obligations assumed by the city authorities in the program.

The concept for social and economic development must be adopted by the end of February 2004, and it is meant for 4 years – the present Administration’s term of office, while the master plan is designed for the next 15 years.

In the opinion of the top officials of the Committee, by successfully using the new program, St. Petersburg will be able to increase the number of economically active people in the city to 2.6 million. The average income per person could likewise be raised to 150,000 thousand rubles per year (about $5,000). As a result, city revenues could be doubled, reaching 875 billion rubles, which, in the words of Vladimir Blank, the chairman of the Committee, is equal to the lower level of the standard of living in European cities.

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