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City news, 29.01.2004 12:48

St. Petersburg green zones marked red

St. Petersburg green zones marked red St. Petersburg Administration has imposed a moratorium on development of any city areas with green vegetation, even though the city master plan of development stipulates developing such green spots.

The moratorium is to be effective for a year. If municipal agencies or Associations of Housing Owners do not landscape these zones within the period, or if they do not privatize the areas currently regarded as “drug-users hangouts”, these pieces of land will be assigned to builders. But members of co-operatives do not have a mind to privatize the land as yet.

The Regulation of St. Petersburg Administration approves the moratorium on construction of playgrounds, sports grounds, as well as utility areas and open parkings. In accordance with the document, the committee for city planning and architecture has to stop authorization of design and construction of objects located on such territories. Within the duration of the moratorium, the committee for city planning and architecture together with the committee for landscaping and road maintenance and the housing committee has to elaborate the basic pattern of vegetation development that should be followed when making a new master plan of the city. At the same time the associations of housing owners, building societies and housing associations are free to privatize these territories to be landscaped without having the right to carry through any capital development.

Thus, the city Administration is trying to settle up the conflicts between developers and the population, which stands against the further construction of apartment houses.

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