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City news, 04.02.2004 12:41

Center housing needs repair

Nevsky prospect More than half of the housing in the city's historic center is in need of capital repairs, Interfax reported Monday. Vladimir Antonov, head of the Tsentralny District administration, aired at a press conference Monday data showing that 934 apartments in the district are considered dilapidated. The district's housing pool counts 2,375 structures.

Despite the fact that 178 dilapidated apartments, or more than 21,000 square meters were renovated in 2003, "This is obviously not enough although we are the leaders in the city in terms of renovating worn out housing," Antonov said. In 2003, more than 5,000 square meters of attics in the Tsentralny District were renovated. This helped improve the condition of the buildings, Antonov said.

There are 87 residential and non-residential buildings currently under repair in the Tsentralny District. In addition, 29 buildings were recently dedicated, including 13 residential buildings. The district administration is particularly concerned about preserving the city's cultural heritage, Antonov said. "We understand that we receive constant attention from residents and visitors to St. Petersburg," he said. Antonov added that 88 courtyards were improved in 2003 and work is continuing on turning the courtyards of buildings facing Nevsky Prospekt into a unified ensemble.

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