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City news, 23.03.2004 11:37

Faberge's creativity back in the city

Triptych Egg by Sarah Faberge The great grand-daughter of legendary court jeweler Carl Faberge is back in town with the family business.

Sarah Faberge's designs, as well as creations by her father, Theo, are now on sale in the family boutique on Suvorovsky Prospekt. "I am naturally pleased to see my pieces here but I am especially pleased that my coming to Russia coincides with the return of a collection of Carl Faberge Easter eggs," Sarah Faberge said at a presentation in the Astoria Hotel on Friday. She was referring to Moscow oil and metals baron Viktor Vekselberg's purchase last month of a collection of Easter eggs made by Carl Faberge from the Forbes family through the prestigious Sotheby's auction house.

The Fabergé family has resided in London since 1906, when Carl's youngest son Nikolai opened the firm's office in the British capital. Nikolai's son Sarah's father, Theo, was born in London and inherited the family business, engraving Easter eggs and other items from precious metals, wood and ivory.

Sarah Faberge's works have been largely inspired and influenced by her first visit to St. Petersburg, where she was brought as a teenager by her father. One such egg - "Neva" - was presented to the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg several years ago.

Oleg Nikitin, president of holding company Grand Ltd., which distributes works by Theo and Sarah Faberge in Russia, said he came across their art by sheer accident, while on a trip in Europe. The businessman was thrilled by what he saw, and then went on to arrange a series of meetings in London with the jewelers and their representatives.

Theo Faberge started working on his St. Petersburg collection in 1985, and now his only daughter Sarah is following his footsteps. Some Easter eggs by Theo Faberge have also been recently presented to major St. Petersburg museums. The Museum of History of St. Petersburg received two eggs from his collection - "St. Petersburg" and "Kiev". Similar gifts were received by the Hermitage (the "Moscow" egg), the Peterhof Museum (the "Peterhof" egg), and Tsarskoye Selo (the Alexander Palace egg).

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