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City news, 29.03.2004 12:32

Sculpture of one of the most loved characters in Russian literature unveiled on anniversary

The sculpture of Mumu A sculpture of one of the most loved characters in Russian literature - a dog named Mumu - was unveiled on the city's Turgenev Square on Thursday.

The unveiling marked 150 years since the publication of Ivan Turgenev's story Mumu that tells of the relationship that develops after a deaf and dumb man, Gerasim, saves a little dog from drowning and takes the dog in, which provoked the anger of his alndlady, who ordered Gerasim to get rid of Mumu. Turgenev wrote a masterful description of Gerasim's deep anguish and despair after he had to kill his only friend. The sculpture is of a dog lying near the big boots of its master Gerasim. Next to it there is a memorial plaque commemorating the first publication.

Lev Nemirovsky, artistic director of the Mumu's sculpture project, said in the interview that his team wanted March 25, the day of unveiling the sculpture, to became the day of repentance toward domestic animals. A party was held on Thursday night in the cafe Mumu, where several people were granted honorary diplomas "for humane treatment of dogs." It also featured an exhibition called "150 Years of Mumu," with exhibits from the Russian National Library.

St. Petersburg has became the country's capital for sculptures of literary characters. These include Gogol's nose, and the bird Chizhik-Pyzhik.

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