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City news, 31.03.2004 11:51

Telephone gets digitized

Telephone gets digitized The St. Petersburg Telephone Network (PTS) is going to change one-third of its analog telephone stations to digital stations in 2004.

The investments in the project will average $60 million. The replacement of the decade step-by-step station is a part of the general program of digitalization of PTS consisting of 300 base stations. By the end of 2005 all the companyís equipment will have been thoroughly upgraded and digitized. The closed joint-stock company Nec Neva is responsible for the hardware re-tooling. At the current moment, in Igor Samylinís words, 37% of the companyís network is digitalized. Samylin is the regional director of the Petersburg Telephonaya Set branch of Severo-Zapadny Telekom.

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