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City news, 01.04.2004 12:21

Talgo train will arrive in Saint-Petersburg this summer

Talgo train will arrive in Saint-Petersburg this summer The managers of the Russian and German railways have to come to an agreement to launch a new train-hotel named Talgo, which will begin travelling on the route St. Petersburg-Kaliningrad-Berlin starting in the summer of 2004. Earlier the train was used as a night train-hotel between Berlin, Munchen, and Hamburg. The train has a restaurant, bar, and movie room. The time of travel beween Petersburg and Berlin is estimated to be around 30 hours.

The train will be put on trial in Russia in April. The infrastructure of the railway stations in Saint-Petersburg and Kaliningrad is being prepared for the train's arrival. Talgo train is expected to take 25,000 passengers per season.

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