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City news, 20.04.2004 14:01

Bolshoi Theatre ticket office opens in the city

Bolshoi Theatre Moscow Tickets for performances at Moscow's Bolshoi Theater can be purchased in St. Petersburg for the first time from Tuesday.

Tickets are available at the central theater box office, Teatralnaya Kassa No. 1 at 42 Nevsky Prospekt in an agreement between the city Ticket Sales Board and the theater.

It is the first time that the board, which operates kiosks selling tickets to city events, has offered tickets for performances in another city, according to a press statement it released Friday.

A year ago St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theater quit its agreement with the board after customer complaints that its kiosks were a magnet for scalpers. Mariinsky tickets are now sold only at its own box office or online.

The Ticket Sales Board also announced plans to rollout Bolshoi ticket sales at 52 further kiosks.

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