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City news, 28.04.2004 13:28

Petersburg to host “Russian challenge” tournament

Judo fighters

On the 23rd of May judo teams from seven countries will participate in the first international tournament for juniors named “Russian challenge”. This tourney will celebrate the “Day of the city”.

According to the commitee of the tournament, mixed teams from eight countries shall fight on the tatami of the sport and concert hall “Petrovsky”. This is the first time, when both girls and young men will make one team.

As many as eight eams from Germany, Ukrain, Belarus, Hungary, Great Britain and Romania were invited. There will also be two teams from Russia: the national team and “Yavara-M” club team. Every team will have 18 members – 9 girls and 9 young men aged 14-16.

The initiative of orgainizng such tourney was supported by the administration of Saint-Petersburg, Russian olympic commitee, Federal agency of physical training, national judo Union and Russian judo Federation. The tourney will be organized by the “Grand Prix” – the judo department of “Moscomsport”- which had organized such tournaments as “The Grand Prix Moskow”, “The Russian president Cup” and Moskow “Super “A” category international judo tourney.

“Russian challenge” tourney promises to be an outstanding event. There is no doubt, that the best fighters will be present – in the beginning of July Holland hosts the Euro Cup, and “Russian challenge” will be a chance for them to test their strength before the important competition in Rotterdam.

The organizers of the tourney believe, that in future it will be hosted every year, and in different cities. The main goals of the tourney are: developing and strengthening relationships between the sportsmen of different countries, making judo and healthy lifestyle popular among young people.


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