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City news, 05.05.2004 12:59

St. Petersburg to build superproject for 22nd century

St. Petersburg to build superproject for 22nd century No great architectural ensembles have been built in St. Petersburg over the past few years. This gap should be filled somehow, says Valentina Matvienko.

Addressing St. Petersburg's main architect, Oleg Harchenko, Matvienko said: 'You have been in your post as principal architect 14 years already, and you need to leave some memorial to your work.'

According to Matvienko, a 'superproject for the 22nd century' should be the construction of a passenger ferry complex on the newly reconstituted territory near the Pribaltiskii hotel, which would require bringing in some 19 million cubic meters of foundation soil.

The project envisions the reconstruction of the sea channel by deepening it to 10 meters, construction of five docks at least 1.3 kilometers in length to accommodate large passenger vessels, and one dock at least 200 meters long to accommodate local shipping. The deepening of the channel is planned for the spring of 2005.

The total cost of the project is expected to be 220 million rubles. The payback period will be six years. The bulk of the cost will be recovered through rents on ship owners and passengers. The expected capacity of the terminal is 1.2 million passengers annually.

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