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City news, 17.05.2004 15:11

Divo Ostrov to become one of the city's top destinations for family fun

Divo Ostrov park Divo Ostrov, the colorful amusement park on Krestovsky Island will open several new stomach-churning rides this summer. Stocked with quality restaurants and Disney-level rides, the park aims to become one of the city's top destinations for family fun, birthday celebrations and wedding-day "hang-outs."

Divo Ostrov is one of the largest amusement parks in Russia. It opened one year ago, in May 2003. Up to 33,000 visitors come to Divo Ostrov on sunny days, each visitor spending an average of 6 hours in the park. The park operates year round, usually closing at 10 p.m., but working later hours during the White Nights season. A full day's ticket costs 350 rubles on weekdays and 500 rubles on weekends and allows unlimited rides.

Divo Ostrov started off with 9 rides and it hopes to increase the number of attractions up to 30 this year. There are several main features to be introduced in the park this summer. "Free Fall," which is set to open around Aug. 1, will take the visitors, firmly fixed in individual chairs, to a height of 68 meters at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. From there they will enjoy an immediate free fall. Another novelty, "Flying Swinger Carousel," opening at the end of June, is a traditional chain carousel gone wild. Making the usual round turns at first, it will then make abrupt swings up and down.

In early September, Divo Ostrov will be opening a covered pavilion to host an interactive laser show. The show will be visible from a restaurant located in the same pavilion, from where parents, sipping on their cocktails, can watch children shoot down evil little men with laser guns.

On the second floor, similar to Disney World's famous "Star Ride," a 26-meter-high "Russian Hills in the Darkness" will take visitors on banking turns at 72 kilometers per hour in a pitch-black tunnel. Divo Ostrov is also planning to construct an entertainment center to include a 4D-film theater, ice-skating theater and a disco.

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