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City news, 21.05.2004 14:15

Fortress town Kronstadt celebrates its tercentenary

Fortress town Kronstadt The sun failed to shine on Kronstadt this week as it celebrated its 300th birthday, but open-air concerts, midnight fireworks, memorial services, the opening of fountains and a regatta of navy cruisers went ahead despite the chilly conditions.

Kronstadt is a town-satellite of St.Petersburg. It is located at the Kotlin island in the Gulf of Finland, to the north of St.Petersburg.

In the ancient times it was one of the multiple towns located along the great trade water route. It was this town marked of the maps of "Hanse" where navigators of "Great Master Novgorod" were located. The fort of Kronshlot was sanctified on May 18 1704. This day can be marked as the beginning of the history of this sea-fortress, trade port and the town which is considered to be one of the most celebrated creations of Peter the Great.

History of Kronstadt is tightly linked with history of the city on Neva river - St.Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad-St.Petersburg. Created and built by the genius of great masters, experienced and skillful builders and fortifications this town has become a stronghold in the way of those who tried to enter Kronstadt by force but it has always been hospitable to those who came with peace and good will.

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