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City news, 28.05.2004 14:05

Tourist hotel-train to make demonstration run Berlin-Kaliningrad-St. Petersburg

Talgo A new tourist hotel-train, Talgo, will make a demonstration run from Berlin through Kaliningrad and on to St. Petersburg in September, according to an agreement reached Thursday between railway representatives from Russia, Poland, Germany and Latvia.

According to the director of the German railway system, Winfried Stsilva, the German side has to solve a series of technical problems prior to then. In particular, a special automatic mechanism will be installed on the Kaliningrad railway line to convert trains from a European to a Russian gauge. He said that the work should be completed by this summer, and that the train would be 'in great demand, as there is now a heightened interest about Russia in Germany.' If the line proves successful, it could be extended to Moscow, he said.

A regular express train will be scheduled from May to October 2005.

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