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City news, 31.05.2004 13:22

French port proposal

The French Havre seaport The French Havre seaport has proposed a direct route project to the St. Petersburg administration.

The Havre port, which is the largest French sea gate in international trading volumes and container transports, has a 60 percent share of the French market.

"Next year, we are planning to open a route to St. Petersburg," said the port director Jean-Mark Lacaf. The popularity of sea transportation has been increasing, due to the fact that the road system in continental Europe is often unable to carry the necessary car volumes.

Current shipment circulation between Havre and St. Petersburg amounts to 35, 000 tons yearly, and deliveries involve many layovers in Northern European ports. The St. Peterburg administration showed interest in the proposal, Radio France International reported.

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