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City news, 17.06.2004 12:49

Paul McCartney arrives today in St. Petersburg

mccartney According the press-service of the “Alfa-Bank”-organiser of the singer’s arrival, Paul McCartney will stay in one of the Konstantinovsky Palace cottages in Strelna. Since 15 July trailers with the musician’s apparatuses have been arriving to St. Petersburg. More than 250 people and 32 trailers were employed to deliver necessary apparatuses and decorations. The tickets fare varies from 600 roubles to 500 USD. Initially Paul McCartney prohibited to televise his concert , but a great number of letters to the singer led to the negotiation with representatives of the concert organisers: “The First Channel” and Barry Marshal-singer’s agent. Eventually an agreement to arrange TV translation from the Palace Square was reached. A right to transmit the full version of the concert belongs to the” First Channel”. The chief-producer of the forthcoming TV transmitting is Mark Heiphely. Approximately 60 thousand people will have an opportunity to enjoy this concert in St. Petersburg immediately on the Palace Square. The concert program of Paul McCartney includes the “Beatles”, “Wings” as well as his solo repertoire’s compositions .

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