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City news, 22.06.2004 12:20

Swedish Days Festival To Shake Up the City

sweden The Swedish Consulate General in St. Petersburg, that sponsored a similar event during last year's anniversary celebrations, announced this year's Days of Swedish Culture should present an even bigger slice of the Russian-Swedish cultural cooperation.

Sponsored by the Consulate and the Swedish Institute, the Days are organized by a promotional team consisting of Oleg Bogdanov from Light Music and Stefan Höglund, a Swedish music entrepreneur, who started one of the first clubs in Stockholm that is still going strong - Kafe 44.

The Swedish Days' main focus this year will be club music. Sweden's internationally acclaimed DJs, singers and bands - DJ Jonas Quant, Weeping Willows, Re.Orient Club, Meine Kleine Deutsche, Laakso, Deltahead - will perform at St. Petersburg's hottest nooks - Amor Fati, Red Club, Cadillac Club and Moloko. The program also features Swedish violinist Anna Lindahl, who is going to play at the Swedish consul general's residence.

After an overwhelming success at last year's Stereoleto, the legendary Jay-Jay Johanson will also come back to St. Petersburg as part of the Days. With the exact location to be announced at a later date, Johanson is planning to give an extravagant performance at one of the city's largest stages.

To close this autumn's week of Swedish melomania, the king of underground DJs, Mad Mats, joined by DJ Jakob Lusensky, will shake up the night with what he called a Raw Fusion Party, taking after the name of a famous night club - Raw Fusion - that Mad Mats runs in Stockholm.

This mix of the latest and the classical musical trends concentrated in St. Petersburg this fall is expected to generate a lot of discussion. Club promoters, festival organizers, musicians and media will meet at the House of Journalists, where a seminar devoted to popular music will be held for a day on October 1.

The Days of Swedish Culture will also include a two-week exhibition called "Monument" at the Kvadrat gallery and delicious servings of authentic Swedish treats prepared by the country's cuisine wizards.

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