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City news, 23.06.2004 14:15

Meryl Streep and John John Cusack to visit the XII International Cinema Festival in St. Petersburg

festival During the next week in the best cinemas of St. Petersburg such as “Rodina”, “Dom Kino” and “Molodyozhnyi” will be featured more than 100 films created by outstanding cinema masters and young producers from Russia, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Greece and other countries.

The world’s cinema stars (Meryl Streep, Anne-Mary Cadier, John Cusack, Jude Law) and also the producer Stephen Frears are expected to take part in films examining. Some of the presented to the Festival films are winners and participants of the Venetian, Cannes, Montreal, Berlin an other first-rate international cinema festivals. The Festival will be opened with the premier of the “Bad Upbringing” film directed by Pedro Almodovara. The “Bad Upbringing” is about paedophilia in the catholic schools in the Franco’s dictatorship epoch. Moreover the retrospective of the Canadian producer Robert Lepage will be displayed in Russia for the first time, in spite the author won’t arrive in St. Petersburg.

In the part “The new Russian cinema” will be presented works of Russian moviemakers created 2003-2004. Among them there are such films as “ Driver for Vera” by Pavel Chuhray, “Dady” by Vladimir Mashkov, “The lord of air” by Ekaterina Kalinina, “The time of harvest” by Marina Razbezhina. In the context of the Festival “Lenfil” film studio will present the program “St. Petersburg’s Cinema in Faces”. The audience will see the film devoted to the creative work of Ilya Averbach and Vitaliy Melnikov. In the special showing “to the 100-th anniversary of Valeriy Solovtsov” will be featured works of Solovtsov, the film of Fredrick Ermler “Katka-paper satchel”, where the producer appears as an actor, and also “I’m a soldier”- the film created by Solovtsova Maria (a doughtier of Valeriy Solovtsov).

Grand-prise of the Festival –“The Golden Griffin” will be traditionally awarded to the film which gains the highest mark among the quest and participants of the Festival. “The Silver Griffin” will win the picture recognised as the best among audience, and “The Bronze Griffin” will be granted to the best experimental film.

“The Festival of festivals” is the biggest non-competitive movie festival in Russia. Its conception is to show the most interesting films participated in all international movie festivals of the year.

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